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Lei Jun Biography

Author:Run Chen

Price:RMB 35.00




Pub. Date:2015-12-02

Book Introduction

The book introduces Lei Jun 's working experiences and his investment stories with the development process of King Soft and Xiaomi to show his 20 years business experience ups and downs. The readers will see the development experience of a new generation of internet entrepreneurs and even the whole China's private enterprises through Lei Jun, and understand the economic management knowledge of management, marketing, strategy and investment through summarizing and interpreting his stories.

Author Introduction


Run Chen:

A famous writer of finance and economy, a business history research expert, a columnist of many domestic financial medias and business magazines and the special commentator of The Central People's Broadcasting Station Economic Sound Program.

He focuses on the research of business history and enterprise history and concerns the manufacturing industry, household appliance industry, internet industry and family business.


Chapter One       Dreamer with Billions of Dollars

Chapter Two       Legends of the Fall of the Young Dream-seeker

Chapter Three     My Youth, My King Soft

Chapter Four     The Gains and Losses from "Zhuo Yue"

Chapter Five      The Masterly Skill of "Duba"

Chapter Six        The Experience of Coming into the Market in Eight Years

Chapter Seven    Become the Angel Investor

Chapter Eight     To Start up Business Again for the Dream

Chapter Nine      The Subversive Practice in Twenty Years

Chapter Ten        Future, Come for Dreams

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